Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 24: Freshen Your Energy<br>Shelley Williams

Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 24: Freshen Your Energy
Shelley Williams

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Jenny S
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I really enjoy these playful practices. They present an interesting challenge to me because I’m at an age where certain shapes have become much harder to find. It’s taken me a while to arrive at this place where I give myself “permission” to enjoy modifications if need be. It’s really very freeing and I’m enjoying yoga more now than ever. And PS: nothing feels better than sacrum on a block and legs in the air!
Lauri K
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Shelley Williams
Jenny Now that's the reflection of an advanced yogi... some days we need more, some days we need less. Some years we need more, some years we need less. The advanced yogi knows themselves well enough to recognize what is needed on any given to day, and has the courage and wisdom to choose the right path... ❤️
M Angela C
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I loved this practice! How freeing to move into shapes without questioning the possibility. It sounds implausible but I have not had fun like this for some time. I had a trying day before coming to my mat and this was just the tonic I needed. 🙏
Melissa H
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I have to modify so many of the past few practices with all of the one-arm balances due to a pinch in my cervical spine. I hope I can play along fully someday!
Shelley Williams
Hi M Angela ! I am so glad you liked it... sometimes it is nice to loosen the reins a bit, and allow that playful flow to explore ~
Shelley Williams
Hi Melissa ! Big hugs to you, and I hear you... Remember, You can always do a piece of each pose! Some great options would be to always set the bottom knee down for more support, and to take more of the weight out of the supporting arm. Another option is to simply lie down and do the posture on your back, side, or belly. Injuries are often our best teacher, and encourage us to get creative in our practice, so continue allowing yourself to see ALL the possibilities, and less focus on what you might be missing. It can all be play ;) much love
Gabriel W
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Yo. Managed to practice away from home with no mat and no space! Loved it. Thank you.
Julie B
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Seriously, you're just an awesome human being. Thank you!
Nadia I
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Thank you so much for the jokes, I had many laughs and giggles! And these classes are so in synque with me - felt super slooggish when I woke up plus had three bad dreams. And was almost going to pass the morning practice, but was reciting to myself your words from the previous day - to do yoga especially when you don't feel like it. And after the fire breath felt so much better. Thank you. You are my favorite part of the day)
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