Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 24: Freshen Your Energy<br>Shelley Williams

Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 24: Freshen Your Energy
Shelley Williams

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Shelley Williams
Gabriel! Isn't great when you realize you are not limited by space and equipment (or even time for that matter)?! We can yoga anywhere, literally...
Shelley Williams
Julie ! That is probably the best compliment anyone could hope to receive, Thank YOU! You are doing great, thank you for sticking with this!!
Shelley Williams
Sweet Nadia! Thank you so much for the kind words.... I appreciate humbly being your guide, and know that you are simply opening the doors and accessing all the humor, strength, power, joy, ease that is already inside of YOU. Big hugs and love
Nadia I
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Thank you so much for this answer, Shelley
Kate M
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This was so playful! Really energizing; lots of fun. We need to dance in our bodies! To not get stuck in patterns...! Very therapeutic. Thank you, Shelley!
Sandra Židan
Great and challenging practice! Thanks, Shelley! Regards to you and Summer!
David G-
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I did open new energy channels and was blown away at some of the things I could do today. Even better, I have noticed subtle changes on how I deal with stress at work, and my physical changes are recognizable too. I am continually amazed at your economy of words and how well-crafted this practice will always be from start to finish. Best, David 
Shelley Williams
David Goldstein Thank you for these kind words, I certainly appreciate it so very much! And appreciate your dedication! The real yoga is how we deal with outside situations, yes?!
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