Keepin' it Real: Spinal Mobility Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Great post-holiday travel practice! Thank you!
Sarah - Happy Holidays and New Year!! 
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Thank You so much Robert !!
My pleasure Marisol  - hope you're doing and feeling well! 
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Robert, thank you for providing the perfect morning or evening wind down/up routine for any level! I can't try any other, hooked.
Hiiii Elizabeth !! Thank you for your sweet comment and for practicing here with us! I'm all about this style and pace of practice too - glad it's working for you. Hope your day is amazing and you are healthy and strong! 
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I tried a few videos with you, they were all good, this one is perfect, right pace for me, challenging though being flexible I managed with room for improvement;) As my lower back is not always straight, and did find a way to do it when in the squats. Should I privilege a straight back not going fully down? 🙏
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Robert, your Spinal Mobility Flow is my go-to practice! It always helps me to feel more flexible and also more open with my breathing.🙏
Good to hear Nancy - thank you so much for letting me know how you feel!! If it's to be a go to practice for you, I suppose I'll see you soon :)) 
Hey there Lou ! Apologies for 28 day delay in responding, my bad! I'm glad you're enjoying this practice, it's one of my favorites too! As far as the spine goes in squats - I'd try to keep a neutral spine, so maybe don't go down as far especially if pain is present. It's ok to go down deep in a squat and round your back, it can feel nice sometimes - it depends on you and how it feels :) 
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