Yoga for Grief: Meeting Again<br>Michelle Marlahan

Yoga for Grief: Meeting Again
Michelle Marlahan

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Martha K
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I am rarely this kind to myself. I found this practice to be gentle, soothing, sweet and grounding. Lovely.
Michelle Marlahan
It makes my heart sing to hear this. Kindness is Queen   May there be more moments like this to come.
Peter Ferber
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My favorite line of Michelle's, in this sequence is the following: "If emotion arises in this practice, let it be.  Don't fixate on it, don't turn it away.  Let it be with you and practice with you." 

The line reminds me of college days, when I read about Plato's Cave, in English class.  Plato creates a scenario in which our perception is metaphorically referenced as the reflection of shadows, from a flickering flame, on a wall.  He pontificates, at length, about the significance they have to our psyche, how real they seem, how  endlessly exciting and dramatic they are. 

I imagine Michelle coming on to the scene and saying, "Hey, buddy!  If you turn around, you'll see Joey here, waving a lit candle around.  Our Shakespearean scholar here (funny, ain't it, that Shakespeare was born long after I died) gave him "Puck" as a nickname.  Try your hand at differentiating between his antics and what he's hiding or masquerading as."  How's that for a paraphrasing? 

What's so awesome about your wise council is that it's borne of your practice, and your practice fully supports your wise council.  
~ Peter Ferber

Peter Ferber
Oops, I made a pronoun gaffe.
...scholar here ("Excuse me, Michelle," Plato interrupted.  "Who's Shakespeare?")...
Michelle Marlahan
Thanks for making me smile! Yes, with practice the wise council is more available... which nudges us back into practice. What a wonderful reciprocity.
Peter Ferber
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Who knew "Yoga for Grief" could be delightful?
There is nothing more touching or healing than vulnerability, our own or another's. Your vulnerability and the way it informs this lovely practice has helped me to move more fully into my heart on this sunny autumn day all the way down here in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Thank you Michelle
Michelle Marlahan
Thanks so much for the note. Agreed on vulnerability... and how beautiful that your practice led you more fully into your heart. Such a gift.
Grateful to be connected... from the other hemisphere

Judith G
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Very considerate and beautiful practice. Thank you so much.
Michelle Marlahan
Judith G - so glad you enjoyed it!
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