Yoga for Grief: Lymphatic Flow<br>Michelle Marlahan

Yoga for Grief: Lymphatic Flow
Michelle Marlahan

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Jenny S
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The over-the-clothes abhyanga is genius! When I practice the oil version, it makes me feel so comforted and protected - however, in the bustle of everyday life I find it difficult to do on any sort of regular I can get this in as part of my daily yoga practice and no slippery shower floor 🙌
Michelle Marlahan
Aw, I'm so glad you dug it! And brava for practicing the oil version. Comforted and protected - yes. Now you have this version "on the go" or as a quick check in.  I can even be caught doing it in the car :).  Thanks for the comment! Stay in touch! 
Christel B
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Like a daily cleansing routine.....thanks.
Michelle Marlahan
Christel - Exactly!! Great way to look at it!
Mary B
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What a lovely gift.  I felt peaceful, encouraged, protected and energized (but not stimulated).  So nourishing! Thank you!
Michelle Marlahan
Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm so glad to hear it was grounding in those ways without being stimulating. A practice we can do anywhere, anytime :)
Wishing you well,
Laura M
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This was so helpful. Thank you!!!
Michelle Marlahan
So glad, Laura M! Thanks for watching and practicing!
Peter Ferber
My mother had a bout of atrial fibrillation, which sent her to the hospital over Christmas.  I was looking through YogaAnytime to find something that would help her, and I have since introduced her to Lymphatic Flow, in this series.  Of course, any time I research something I feel would be good for her, I wind up finding something that is also good for me!  I love this series; your exceptional courage, narrating your own grief; and inviting our ears to live long and prosper. (Yes, that finger arrangement IS consummate Star Trek-ian.) 

Abhyanga is something about which I have long heard is a good thing, but I'd never gotten around to doing.  The practice is powerfully effective, whether full-on, with oil, or clothed.  Both my mother and I give it a sterling thumbs up!  Thank you, ~ Peter Ferber
Michelle Marlahan
So happy to receive your message! What a wonderful story and generous practice to share with your mother. I'm so glad she has (you both have) experienced benefits from it. I love that this was something you "got around to doing" out of support for your mom. Sometimes we need a reason beyond ourselves...and a buddy to share it with. May the force be with you both... (oops, wrong intergalactic group!)  \\//
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