Yoga for Grief: Michelle's Story<br>Michelle Marlahan

Yoga for Grief: Michelle's Story
Michelle Marlahan

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Rity J
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Rachel B
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Dear Michelle, I also want to thank you. I have been feeling grief and loss due to COVID 19 and how it has changed our lives. I felt that your practices could allow me access to the deep sadness I feel right now.  Your bravery and clear eyed honesty in sharing your experience was a great teacher for me. Perhaps this current situation which feels so disorienting to me is not beyond words. When I see you put words to your pain and bring the truth of your experience to us, it gives me hope in these times that we can all find ways to connect through pain and come together through body based practices and through other means. Thank you so very much. 
Michelle Marlahan
Oh, thank you for this comment. Gorgeous, raw and real. It seems like you found words for the rest of us... thank you for naming the grief of this strange time. And as individual as grief is, you name the universal, where these practices *can* allow us to be in our shared experience of sadness, loss, confusion, disappointment, rage, hope, etc.  The people I'm seeing struggle the most are those without a practice, yoga or otherwise. I'm grateful that you and I share this practice -- may it hold us in courage, connection, creativity and resilience. Love to you.
Sibylle M
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Michelle, thank you for sharing this vulnerable story with us! I hear how you went from highs to lows and back in your emotions and how this whole experience pummelled and bruised you and took away so much of what you had relied on (even the feeling of having grieved already about not becoming a mother and having looked after yourself was questioned). I hear that it upset you to the very core of your being. I feel so touched by this and it made me ponder how many times in life we don’t recognise because we don’t know the immense grief that a person we encounter has gone through. You seem so beautiful and strong and warm, and yet inside you is enough space to hold all this experience has meant to you as well. Sharing this like you did is so loving cause it opens a space for everyone to allow to be seen in this pain. And in the strength. I feel very touched by your story and comforted as well. Thank you! Wishing you all the best for continuing exploration of your journey!
Michelle Marlahan
Wow, Sibylle, thank you for seeing me. I stand with you in your own experience. May we continue to explore these landscapes together.
Charlotte M
Dear Michelle, As much as your story saddens me, I'm also comforted by thinking that my practice will support the healing process. For now I'll try to accept that the results of my practice oscillate between a sense of lightness and profound sorrow, sometimes very unexpectedly and stay open to whatever will happen.
Michelle Marlahan
Thank you so much for connecting. Mmmm, yes, this oscillation... in my experience, each feeling as though it will be permanent. Even though I know and try to tell myself it is not. My practice eventually was supportive, although it looked very different than before. Sending ease for these oscillations and the rediscovery and deepening of what Yoga means to you.
Jodi Z
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I recently decided to explore yoga for grief and was  led to your video.  Words cannot describe how moved I was by your story as I had a very similar experience  25 years ago. I still remember almost every moment of it.   It is part of the fabric of my life.  I am so sorry for your loss.  Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to practicing with you.
Jod i  
Michelle Marlahan
Thank you so much for connecting, Jodi. It's incredible how an experience can still feel so close. Indeed, a part of us. I took heart in learning that my DNA was changed by the pregnancy... that I WAS in fact changed down to the cellular level. I bow to the spirit of your little one and the ways they live on still.
With love,
Candace V
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Thank you for sharing. I'm coming here because of a baby loss (but I've also lost a sibling tragically and a parent to cancer). Your story touched me and I appreciate you being willing to share. I was about to walk away from trying this but after your talk I'm going to try ;)
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