Yoga for Grief: Michelle's Story<br>Michelle Marlahan

Yoga for Grief: Michelle's Story
Michelle Marlahan

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Michelle Marlahan
Thank you for your courage and comment. It sounds like you have many layers of loss... Know that I am here with you every step of the way. Reach out anytime.
Alessandra  Y
I was lucky enough to already be a mum to one and have a supportive husband- after waiting through the pandemic to have a second child, we found out at 17 weeks gestation that our baby had Turner Syndrome - there is only one strand of DNA on each chromosome, so rather than being XX or XY, it's X and nothing. It was first spotted visually on a scan with abnormalities and fluid in the lungs and heart. All the advice was that the baby would probably not survive full term, so I also had to make the decision to have a D&E, and I also had to explain to a three and a half year old that his baby had gotten sick and would not be  coming to play any more. It will be 2 months tomorrow. I have kept up yoga the whole time, but I relate to feeling VERY PISSED that my positive practices didn't stop something bad happening - if junkies can churn out babies, why did something happen to us? 
Michelle Marlahan
Thank you for sharing from such a tender place. I'm so sorry for your pain. And totally relate to the anger - I had many thoughts like that as well. I'm holding space for the waves of emotions that pass through in the sea of your grief. Oh, this being human. Take gentle care.
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