Gentle Yoga: Awaken With Ease<br>Alana Mitnick

Gentle Yoga: Awaken With Ease
Alana Mitnick

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Sharmini P
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Absolutely love these videos @Alana Mitnick thanks so much! Also love the background of the ocean! So lovely to see!
Alana Mitnick
Hi Sharmini P! So delighted that you are here and loving these videos! I agree, the background is so soothing and beautiful. Wishing you a healthy and meaningful new year! Love, Alana 
Deb H
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Great Practice. I like to back into my day rather than blast off with an energetic practice, so I start with a responsive rather than reactive posture. This practice was perfect in length and content. I liked that it was all on the floor (perfect for Mondays) and deeply appreciated that Alana gave us adequate time to get our props (blanket and bolster) in the right place before telling us how to position the body. Made it all less stressful!
Alana Mitnick
Deb H, Thank you for sharing. I'm so glad you enjoyed this yoga practice and pace. How we approach our practice makes a huge difference in how we feel during and after. I love what you say about starting with a "responsive" posture. Very wise and insightful. Love, Alana 
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