Gentle Yoga: Awaken With Ease
Alana Mitnick

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So wonderful. This is at least my second go-round through this series. Gentleness feels increasingly important as we go through so much collective pain. I hope there will be more gentle yoga seasons someday!
Wonderful, Rachel S! So true... how we approach our practice translates directly into our waking lives and relationships. Being gentle, patient, and loving with ourself is key. Good news! Season 2 of Gentle Yoga will be released this week on February 4th! Let me know how these new practices feel for you. Thank you for being here, Rachel! Love, Alana 
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No way! Ask and you shall receive! Woo hoo!  
Hahaha... so true! Enjoy your Yoga, Rachel S. XoA
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Just what I needed today!! Thank You!!
Beautiful, Laura M. May your day unfold with ease and clarity. Love, Alana 
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Side stretches feel so good ! 
Thank you 😌
Susan R, Sooooo good! Love side stretches. So lovely to practice together! Love, Alana 
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Loved this class, so did it twice!  😌🙏
Hi Susan R! So delighted that you enjoyed this class... twice! Thank you for sharing and being here. Love, Alana 
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