The Art of Vinyasa Sequencing: Principles of Vinyasa
Rosemary Garrison

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So beautiful, clear, and honest. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, Rosemary. I love hearing your teaching process. Love, Alana 
Thank you, beautiful Alana Mitnick . It's such a great honor and pleasure to share. Love. 
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This is just SO GOOD, Rosemary. Really really helpful perspectives that you share here. Thank you for sharing your experientially grounded wisdom with us! 
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You are a teacher I turn to, again and again. As I heard you speak, I recognised so much of what you aim to create, I receive through your practice. You are an artist why paints with and within our bodies.
So much gratitude, 
Amanda xx
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Hi Rosemary, this video was my first introduction to you as a teacher and what an awesome intro it was. Thank you for the guidance. It's always nice to hear something that reaffirms the way you teach but it is so incredibly helpful to hear something new or even something that  points to a "bad" habit in your teaching. My favorite gem was near the end where you spoke to the creativity of Vinyasa but reassured us that as teachers we do not need to "reinvent the wheel" in every class and the reminder that it is a practice which means repetition is key. Thank you! 
Thank you, Kate M ! Your feedback always means so much. It truly is a joy and an honor to share. Much love to you. 
Amanda P , your words are poetry. Thank you for this beautiful feedback, it truly means so much. It is an honor to share and to be in the flow together. All love, R
Thank you, Erin W ! What useful feedback! I applaud you for appreciating the guidance around "bad" habits- that's super evolved of you. ; ) And I'm heartened that the "reinventing the wheel" piece spoke to you. It seems to be a common struggle which I hope more of us can let go of. Lovely to "meet" you and eager to share more of the flow. Be well, R
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This is amazing I want to start teaching and l have been searching for guidance that suits me.. thankyou 💜
That's beautiful to hear, Yvette A . I'm so happy if you find it useful. Congratulations on beginning the teaching path. May it be wondrous! 
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