The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Breathe in a Sense of Safety<br>Arturo Peal

The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Breathe in a Sense of Safety
Arturo Peal

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Catherine R
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In sharing your thoughts at the beginning of class, you let us all know that we are not alone in our struggles. I did feel safe after this practice, which is so very welcome after a week of wind storms, power outages, fires and thick smoke here in eastern Washington. Be safe from hurricanes in NOLA!
Erika H
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Yowza! Loved this. I'd never done this sweeping of the meridians, and the imagery (of raking, gutters, etc.) was so helpful. Thanks for an excellent practice!
Meaghan S
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What jewels here to add to my life. So happy to have the meridian brushing recorded to come back to again and again. Many thanks. 
Sandra Židan
Thank you very much, Arturo, for this interesting practice! It reminded me of Qi Gong practice! Namaste! 💜🌞😄
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