Dynamic Flow: Core-Focused Vinyasa Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Dynamic Flow: Core-Focused Vinyasa Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Christel B
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Really enjoyed every one of you dynamic flows. Hana hou. ( That means let’s do it again!)
Leesa H
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Thanks Robert for Season 2. You reminded us of the song “Shakin’ all over”. Also enjoy the inspiration comments. 
We  hope there will be a Season 3. Namaste
Your Canadian friends
Robert Sidoti
Hi Christel B !! I really appreciate you practicing here with me and the others, thank you!! Hana Hou!! There just may have to be a Season 3!! 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there my Canadian friends Leesa H !! I almost went into full shakedown for you all - it would have felt great and maybe even provided some good laughs which is always a good thing! Here's to rocking out Season 2 and hoping for a Season 3 with new fun moves, thoughts and more! 
Sarah Lowe
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well this was a delight! 
Corinne M
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This practice put a big smile on my face, thank you so much!!  I love the dynamic flows !!!  Dancer to half moon was super fun.   Echoing the other commenters hoping for a season three.  Thank you thank you!!!
Jenny S
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Almost didn’t have the motivation for this dynamic practice on this gray, chilly November day - but I’m so glad I did it! This cleared the cobwebs out and was the perfect finish to the second series ...just in time for the holidays! Wishing you and your loved ones all the joy and love of the season 🌲🌲🌲
Robert Sidoti
Hey hey long time friend  Sarah Lowe :))  YOU'RE a delight, so happy you practiced with me/us here!! I gotta jump into one of your classes! 
Robert Sidoti
Hello to you Corinne M :)) Your comment put a smile on my face - so I guess we're even! Love the balancing postures, feels so good when you land and feel stable and strong (and relaxed and peaceful) in the pose! Thanks for the excitement for a Season 3!! 
Robert Sidoti
Jenny S !! Thanks for your awesome comment! Always a pleasure having you with us! Sometimes it's hard to roll out the mat - just not feeling it combined with a mind full of reasons and excuses - when you move past those things and do it, almost always feels better!! See you soon! Happy Holidays! 
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