The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Feel Good Flow with Shelley<br>Shelley Williams

The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Feel Good Flow with Shelley
Shelley Williams

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Kate M
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So wonderful to find you hear, Shelley! This felt fantastic. And I think I picked up a few ideas for my first YogaFlow INDOOR class tomorrow night!! WooHoo!...Love.
Jenny S
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Always love your practices Shelley ❤️ Your easygoing flow style makes the class breeze by - I didn’t want it to end! Also, the shoulder flossing action in bridge pose felt so good! Going to add that to my repertoire 👍
Julie M
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Loved seeing you back as I just love your style, thank you for a wonderful class and wishing you all the very best during this challenging time
Christel B
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So enjoyed another class from you. 
Andrea G
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Loved this flow from Shelley!
Rachel S
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Thank you! Great way to start the day!
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Really lovely x
Angela M
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I really enjoyed this flow! Thank you!
Shelley Williams
Kate M HI there! So glad you liked it.. Happy holidays to you!
Shelley Williams
Christel B Christel! So glad you got to log on... great to reconnect and sending Aloha!

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