The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Feel Good Flow with Shelley<br>Shelley Williams

The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Feel Good Flow with Shelley
Shelley Williams

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Shelley Williams
Andrea G Thank you so much Andrea! Great to have you on here!

Shelley Williams
Rachel S Thank you Rachel! So glad you liked the flow, and thank you for participating!

Shelley Williams
Amanda P Thank you Amanda! Have a great day!
Shelley Williams
Angela M Thank you Angela!  Have a fantastic day!
Kate M
Shelley Williams And to you and yours!! Be well! Love and Light : )
Thank you Shelley! Love this practice to get me going this morning and really enjoyed your chat with Kira at the beginning!
Beth S
Always love your practices, Shelley! Please keep them coming. What a calming voice and practice, much-needed for my body and soul during this difficult time 
great class and nice variation on 'thread the needle' i'd not come across before. thanks.
Lise G
Lovely flow! Thank you! Namaste
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Shelley, for this beautiful practice- it made me aware of my feelings. Kind regards from Croatia! 🌹❤️💝🌼
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