Joyful Flow: Flow into Ease<br>Wade Gotwals

Joyful Flow: Flow into Ease
Wade Gotwals

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Jennifer L
Hi Wade, It is an absolute pleasure to practice with you. You're filled with joy and it just flows right out of the screen - no pun intended! Many, many heartfelt thanks.
Hi Jennifer L oh thank you so much, I am glad you are still feeling the connection and intention- thank you for sharing your good energy with me and the forum!! win win 
thank you! that felt so good. another perfect practice.

Tracey S
This was such an amazing practice, thank you, Wade! I'm going to go back & do the others. I loved the sequencing and pacing and the new versions of movements I had done before and some totally new ones. This was so wonderful, thank you.
Great to hear from you Tracey S ! So glad this practice resonated with you, it's one of my go-to's for find space in the body- always a feel good one!!
Danielle S
Thank you for another wonderful series!! 🧘‍♀️
Danielle S THanks for joining me on the journey!! big hug!
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