Spring Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Rooted in Presence<br>Melina Meza

Spring Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Rooted in Presence
Melina Meza

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Melina Meza
I love hearing how you're all feeling after class and hope you come back to this class when you wish for more of that feeling...or to see Mingus the cat. 
Bronwyn D
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Thank you thank you once again. I resonated with the phrase  ‘heavy and supported’ and  also exploring where we were dry or hydrated.  It’s challenging for me to cultivate support when I’m feeling heavy. This was a great reminder (and Interesting paradox) to find and cultivate  grounding support and soften into the heaviness and dryness. I feel lighter now! Mas ligera🌞  Time to drink some master cleanse h2o (remembered this in middle of practice 😁). Also love the reminder to practice cultivating community esp.  now that hopefully we are nearing the end of pandemic. 🙏
Susan R
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Wonderfully blissful. Loved the practice Melina and will come back to open to “grace of gravity “
Many blessing 🙏🦋
Sandra Židan
Nice practice! Thanks,Melina!
Melina Meza
What a treat to see your comments and to know this practice is helping you all drop into yourself and the moment more fully. Bronwyn, thanks for sharing your reflections with us and for taking such good care of yourself!
Brenda S
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Another amazing practice! It’s exactly what I needed. Must’ve been on the same wavelength...I bought some wool yarn locally grown and dyed yesterday for the intention to support the local businesses. It felt so good...looking forward to knitting and wearing them knowing I’m being grounded in WI with WI textiles. Thankful for your suggestions and knowledge. Peace 
Anne C
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Hi Melina Thank you for this practice. I found the use of the bolster in pigeon particularly helpful, allowing better positioning of my legs and as a result getting a deeper safer stretch  in my hips .
Melina Meza
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Thanks for giving the bolster a chance in pigeon pose! I'm delighted to hear your hip got a healthy and safe stretch as a result.
Catherine R
I loved the use of the props in Frog pose.  Normally not one of my favorites, but the modifications made it very enjoyable. 
Kate M
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s l o w i n g    d o w n    i s    y u m m y   (I am a sloth at heart!)
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