Spring Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Spring Essentials<br>Melina Meza

Spring Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Spring Essentials
Melina Meza

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Jenny S
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It has indeed been an honor and a privilege to practice with YOU 🙏🏻 I’ve enjoyed every minute of it (even the core 😉) Happy spring and enjoy those lemons! 🍋🌸🌼
Melina Meza
Take care Jenny and I hope you have a wonderful spring. Stay tuned for Yoga for Our Nature Seasons 5 later this year and thank you for all your kind words and support.
Sharon McGuire
Very much enjoyed practicing with you these past 5 days. Each class just got better and better! With gratitude and blessings...Namaste
M Angela C
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A truly nourishing, inspiring and awakening series of practices.  Grateful to you Melina for sharing. As I was lucky enough to purchase a copy of your  book Seasonal Health and Wellness, I found being able to reference the book a great accompaniment to the practice.  BTW it’s a beautifully crafted book with glorious art  and wisdom throughout. Thank you! 
Melina Meza
Congratulations everyone for getting through the 5 days! It was a joy to create this series, I hope you return often when you're in need of a reset or spring energy. 
Melina Meza
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Thanks M Angela C for purchasing my Seasonal Book that inspired this challenge. I hope it continues to inspire weekly connection to the season and wellness with yoga, ayurveda and local foods.
Martha K
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Seasonal guidance is so helpful! I feel great!
Christel B
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Thank you Melina for this wonderful 5 day spring challenge to refresh ourselves with all of your good advice and practices.  I received your book for a Christmas present so even more so I was delighted to be part of this challenge.  Namaste.
Nadine B
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Thank you for that lovely practice! 
Melina Meza
Grateful to have you all in the challenge and I hope this sets you up a super healthy spring season and beyond! Christel, may my Seasonal Health and Wellness book continue to inspire weekly practices that help grow your wellness routines beyond spring.  Best wishes to you all.
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