Aligned and Awake: Rhythm and Bliss<br>Nathan Briner

Aligned and Awake: Rhythm and Bliss
Nathan Briner

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Nathan Briner
Du T, I’m so glad you enjoyed the lessons. The principles in these lessons go super deep. The more you practice feeling and understanding them, the more you’ll be able to sense within your body and this will transform your practice. If you ever have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. Hope to hear from you in the future. 🙏

It's always a pleasure to practice with you, Nathan. This session balanced me out quite a lot after having coming into it with a lot of soreness and discomfort in the hips and low back. I appreciate the fine tuning, your gentle voice, slow guidance and subtle cues that remind me of the depth of these poses. I always feel more in balance in my body after your videos, as well as excited to incorporate some of the teachings into the yin-yang sessions I lead. Many thanks!
Nathan Briner
Shawn, thank you for the kind words. I love to hear that these practices are connecting at such a deep level. If you do use some of the alignment principles in your classes, it would be very interesting to hear how your students take to the ideas. If you have a minute, maybe you could leave a note on how you feel the concepts landed :) 
Laura M
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Excellent class. Thank you!!
Nathan Briner
Laura M, glad you liked it? Was there anything in particular you found you enjoyed from the class? 
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This was wonderful and exactly what I needed on a super frazzled day. I love your calming voice and detailed instruction. I've been doing yoga for 22 years and Pilates for 17 and I never cease to learn something new. Thank you! Namaste 
Nathan Briner
Wow! Thank you Silvana! That is wonderful to hear 🙏 It sounds like you really tapped into that feeling of alignment and connection. Makes for such a sweet practice 😊
I don’t know if you’ve seen it updates but I have a brand new series coming out Thursday September 1st. It’s called Advanced Basics. It has the detailed instruction you love and new insights on how to dive deeper into the poses, build core strength, help with pain and more. I hope to see you there! 
Rosie B
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I chose this video based purel on the name, not knowing the series or the instructor. It was NOT what I was expecting, but I LOVED IT! 
Thank you Nathan for this wonderfull lesson. I'll be trying some more of your classes for sure
Nathan Briner
Hi Rosie B! Great to connect with you here. Glad you liked that video. Have you looked at my 30 day challenge? You might really enjoy that too. 
If you ever need any help with poses or adjustments please don’t hesitate to reach out. 
Rosie B
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Revisiting this practice on New Years Eve and really enjoying the soothing and refreshing properties of this focussed practice. Wonderful
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