Aligned and Awake: Rhythm and Bliss
Nathan Briner

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Thank you Nathan, 
I really do feel quite blissful after this practice today. I found that prone stretch of knee to shoulder deeply satisfying- love when I'm introduced to simple new tweaks that make a difference.
Have a wonderful day!
Michelle F that sounds like a wonderful session 🙏
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I loved the integration of alignment principles in this rhythmic and flowing practice. I stopped the video a couple of times because it felt so blissful and balanced. I really love this way of practising downward dog with high heels. I also found that with feet together it was much easier to keep my hips and shoulders square and balanced in 3 legged dog. Thank you for so many valuable principles of alignment. I will return to this series many times and will integrate it into my teaching. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
Ali, it’s so great to hear that these principles are connecting with you. I’m going to be posting more videos to take the practice even deeper on my Instagram page @nathan_briner. I think you’ll really dig the new ideas :) 
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Thanks Nathan. I already started following you a couple of days ago on Instagram - I look forward to those videos! 🙏🏽
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Thanks. We need more time in the poses.
Glad you enjoyed the session, Sally S 🙏
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Excellent, putting the principles together helped to feel the body as one during movements. And it was interesting when you said if you feel like crap and your hamstring that means that it needs to be strengthened, I had that hamstring… Now I know I need to strengthen it  Grateful
Brenda S, yes :) Doing some strengthening for the hamstrings is a good plan. I’ll also add that I see many students overstretch the hamstring just to get that “stretching” feeling. But, they are neglecting the flexion movement needed in the spine to complete the pose. So the spine remains under stretched and the hamstrings are taking in too much movement. If you feel a lot of stretch in your hamstrings try backing off of hip flexion and look for more balanced movement in the length of the spine. I’d love to hear what you discover. 
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This was such a fantastic series, and a beautiful ending. Thank you Nathan. I will certainly revisit this leason many times more.
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