On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Expansion<br>Sadia Bruce

On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Expansion
Sadia Bruce

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Rachel S
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So good!! Just what I needed today. This one is going on my favorites list!
Joy D
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Two really good classes! I had to do both today  (smile) Back on track tomorrow.
Jenny S
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This was a yummy one! I loved the steady, sinuous pace. I was feeling a bit untethered before the practice. The yoga worked its magic and my day is reset. Thank you Sadia 🙏🏻❤️
Sadia Bruce
Jenny S Yes! Sinuous— that was in fact the aim! (It's actually the aim more often than not!) Am always so glad to hear from you— thanks for practicing with me, and for sharing your beautiful insights.
Lillian M
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This is hard but I am doing it
Christine C
Felt so good! Just the right pace and feel so much lighter now, ready to start my day! Thank you Sadia
Sadia Bruce
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Christine C EXCELLENT! Hope it was a good one!
Kate M
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Sadia Bruce , so many luminous moments in this practice! A favourite was the opening - the way you built radiance into Virāsana. And the continuation of that theme. Really lovely, Sadia. And your enthusiasm just carries me along!! Blessings.
Sadia Bruce
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Thank you so very much, Kate M, for these insightful comments. Am honored to have shared in practice with you. Truly! 
Fern S
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Oh Sadia!
What a yummy practice! I really appreciate your laugher and guidance into familiar poses. I always stick my chin out in heart opening poses and I really like the tucked version you introduced me to. Lastly, I busted out laughing so hard at the "yoga mullet!" I will always giggle going into pigeon now and will forever refer to it as the "mullet." 
So much gratitude,
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