On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Expansion<br>Sadia Bruce

On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3: Expansion
Sadia Bruce

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Kare H
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Thank you, Beautiful Being!
Sadia Bruce
Fern S Hee hee... And it's an INVERTED mullet, too: business in the BACK, party in the FRONT! My personal preference...
Sadia Bruce
Kare H Thank YOU for sharing in practice with me!
Catherine A
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Really, really enjoyed this practice, Sadia. Great cues! I frequently forget to put the crown forward and tuck the chin I laughed out loud at the idea of 'yoga mullet', a great description for Pidgeon, although it is one of my fav poses for releasing the hips. Many thanks for this wonderful series of classes, which I am (for no good reason doing out of sequence. C Xxx
Kelley S
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I really enjoyed.   I love the way you explain poses and weave in breath awareness.
David G-
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Dropped back into the challenge. Forgot how many laughs and expansive breaths you bring to our mats. I had some knee inflammation—hot and humid in NJ—but much less swelling afterwards. Definitely feel more human and grounded. Best, David 
Sadia Bruce
David G- HE'S BACK FOR MORE! Excellent! Am truly thrilled to hear it! More human and grounded— YES. Yes...
Sadia Bruce
Kelley S Excuse my delayed response— am THRILLED you were able to move with me and so touched that you enjoyed, and that you shared! Thank you so much...
Sophia T
You are such a fantastic teacher, and I'm finding this challenge so rich and valuable. You've shown me how much I enjoy physically challenging classes, as you provide the perfect balance between effort and reward. Thank you for giving me a new tool to find happiness! 
Lenise Jay
Thank you for the amazing flow! 😊
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