On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 10: Grace
Sadia Bruce

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Maria Gabriela G So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for practicing with me!
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Peggy L Thank YOU, Peggy! Glad you got a few laughs in, too ;)
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SO PROUD, Lillian M!
Sadia  - I just finished day 10. Thank you so much for reminding me of all of the angles from which to see and embrace my "big, beautiful, gorgeous life"!  And, for your teaching which has enhanced so much for me! Namaste, my friend!
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Dear Anne-Marie, thank YOU for sharing in practice with me! So glad you got to enjoy this— was an absolute joy to create. And it's always an honor to be with you, across time and space! Sending love! 
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Yay!! This was such a fun challenge, I'm so proud to have completed it. And this finale - action packed! So good. I am on the verge of more level 2/3 practices. That is my commitment to myself. Thank you, Sadia, for opening the door. Are you slated for more classes? I will be there!
Dear Sadia, this was my first challenge after recovery from COVID during Christmas time. It's been very helpful to find myself present, connected and conscious. I really enjoyed to practice with you. Thank you very much! Sending love and gratitude from Italy!! 
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Amazing challenge !! Thank you for teaching!!
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Beautiful practice, thank you 🙏🏻 
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This challenge was one of the best ever. So much to treasure in these 10 sessions. You are a master teacher and I feel especially blessed to have been able to share in this practice on the YA platform. Hope to see more of your teaching here!! I'll definitely revisit these wonderful videos. All the best, FRIEND!
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