Wake Up with Yoga: Whole Body Flow<br>Sarah Manwaring

Wake Up with Yoga: Whole Body Flow
Sarah Manwaring

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Rachel S
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This was really lovely! Thank you! 
Sarah Manwaring
Yay, thank you Rachel S

I'm so glad it felt good and look forward to more play and movement together again soon.

have a wonderful day.

Michelle F
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Hi Sarah,
Such an great intro to sharing practice with you - loved the brick in the lunge, it´s so sweet to get different perspectives! look forward to trying out the other sessions
Have a beautiful day!

Sarah Manwaring
Michelle F I'm so glad you enjoyed the class and I look forward to more movement play and practice together again soon. Have a wonderful day!

Jenny S
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I love your creative sequencing…after almost three decades of practicing I’m always learning new ways of moving and grooving thanks to teachers such as yourself. My whole body feels refreshed and alive 💥 i even resonate with your sweet way of closing “bye” ❤️
Candace - Kiln 9 Ceramics
Dear Sarah Manwaring

Thank you for your offerings on Yoga Anytime! 
So much pleasure following along with your classes. 
You deliver humungous flavour, variety and play! 
I hope to see many more on here. 
Have a great day Sarah!

Full belly smiles, 
Sarah Manwaring
Jenny S Thank you for these kind words, i'm so happy you resonated with the language. Hope to share some more moments very soon. 

with a smile. Sarah
Sarah Manwaring
Candace - Kiln 9 Ceramics Hello old friend. So lovely to share some moments here, i love knowing that we can still practice together. sending oodles of love and hope to cross real life paths soon. xo

Sandra Židan
Thanks, Sarah, for this beautiful practice! Kind regards! 💖
Sarah Manwaring
Sandra Židan Thank You for your kind words and presence. see you again soon!
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