Too Tight to Stretch: Ease Sciatica Discomfort<br>Kari Sims Anthon

Too Tight to Stretch: Ease Sciatica Discomfort
Kari Sims Anthon

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Fabian H
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Wonderful :))
Kari Sims Anthon
Fabian H I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for joining me!

Lina S
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Nice the way we enter into pigeon pose. I've enjoyed the figure 4's stretch variations. 
Barbara S
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Such a good class! Needed this today!
Kari Sims Anthon
Lina S Thanks for joining me! 
Kari Sims Anthon
Barbara S I am so happy you enjoyed it! Hope to practice together again! 
Laura M
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A GREAT class!!! Thank you!!!!
Kari Sims Anthon
Laura M thanks so much for practicing with me! 
Sandra Židan
Loved this practice! Thanks, Kari! 💖💝❤️
Kari Sims Anthon
Sandra Židan Thanks Sandra! I hope it brought you some ease!
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