Yin Yoga and Mythology: Beethoven<br>Kelly Kamm

Yin Yoga and Mythology: Beethoven
Kelly Kamm

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Brava, Kelly. Delightful, seamless, moving, and just all around wonderful. Thank you.
Kelly K
Lori thank you so much!!  Comments like this really mean a lot to me. Thanks for your support and I wish you love! :)
Sumana Ramanan D
You are a gifted communicator and healer. This short practice was so rejuvenating.
Kelly K
Sumana Ramanan D thank you so much! I'm really happy that you're enjoying this practice. Thanks of letting me know xoxo
David G-
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So glad there is a season 2. When I was in college I used to blast Ode to Joy after revelry. So true about sad songs. Favorite memory of Montreal is descending from Parc Montreal and seeing Cohen’s face on the side of a building, and mouthing “Suzanne” and “Who by Fire”. My body so needed this! Love that scene in “Immortal Beloved” when Beethoven turns around.  I seem to recall hearing  the crowd made him play the symphony again. I was thinking you should do a season on Song of Myself.  
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Beautiful series, I use your classes as a mix with the flowy ones and it gives me such a wonderful balance in my practice. I often do two of yours in a row as feel like staying in the state you bring longer. Peace and light  
Kelly K
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David G- ooh yes Walt Whitman!! great idea :))
Kelly K
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Ivalo thank you so much for these kind words! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the classes :))
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