Yoga with Injuries: Dynamic Hip Support Flow<br>Olivia Barry

Yoga with Injuries: Dynamic Hip Support Flow
Olivia Barry

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Jenny S
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This was challenging for me, in a good way. In a short amount of time I had a nice little glow (sweat) going and my whole body feels the benefits. I don’t currently have any hip issues, but I’ll certainly return to this if (when ☺️) I do. I’m curious to see the results. Thank you Olivia🙏🏻❤️
Olivia B
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The sequences in these series can work just as well for injury prevention as injury attention.  So good job tending to your healthy hips! Thanks for your feedback">Jenny S!  
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Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for teaching new ways to practice with a strap and for a strong and safe sequence. 🙏🏼

Olivia B
I'm so glad you enjoyed this sequence Shawn! Seeing your photo, you have Lotus (Padmasana) available to you so I might infer correctly that strength building may be more useful to you than "hip openers" at this point.  Both are always useful - but sometimes the standing externally rotated poses actually can be aggravating when we have a lot of hip mobility.  The strap helps tremendously for many.  So not sure if these observations apply to you - tell me more if you like!  And/or Happy Practicing!
Lanelle G
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co-contraction! love it.
Olivia B
You caught it - the key to safe joint movement is often co-contraction! Nice job Lanelle G.
Suzanne L
I watched the first and second of this series today and found them so helpful to loosen my arthritic neck and regain strength after both hip replacements (not at the same time.)  Your narrative is so easy to follow.   I am looking forward to the other sessions.  Thank you for the series.
Olivia B
Hello Suzanne L !  I'm happy to hear your neck and hips were able to benefit from yoga!  YogaAnytime and I created this series hoping for that outcome - that even compromised areas of the body can be touched upon and aided by practice.  I hope the other sessions are equally beneficial. Olivia
Keiko J
Hi Olivia. I'm so glad to find you here at YogaAnytime in front of such a gorgeous orange grove! You are one of my favorite teachers and I so appreciate your integration of OT with this Yoga with Injuries series. I got a bit out of practice, so my hip flexors and hamstrings have felt weak and congested. Using the strap in this way was fun and brought surprising relief. The co-contraction is so interesting too. Thank you and Namaste! 
Olivia B
Hi Keiko J ! Happy we've found each other here!  I'm happy to hear you are back practicing again - hopefully you are feeling the benefits throughout your day.  The strap is a fun and versatile prop (and easy to take anywhere).  It makes sense that the strap combined with the co-contraction concepts would help with weakness and congestion in the hips.  Try this practice once a week for ongoing benefits!  Let me know how it goes!
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