The Vinyasa Show: Fluid Balance<br>Sarah Beston

The Vinyasa Show: Fluid Balance
Sarah Beston

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Fabulous practice, Sarah! Thank you so much. I'm hiking in the Sierras, and this amazing sequence put me back in my original upright position. :)
Catherine A
Superb practice, Sarah! I always benefit hugely from any class with a strong emphasis on balance 😁! Looking forward to the next regards 💖
Donna S
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Such a beautiful practice, and I felt fluid which is what I had been hoping for as my body was feeling wooden. I enjoy your sequencing, and appreciate your cues. Thank you. 
Diane C
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What a beautiful way to start the day! Happy 4th of July!
Francesca Venturini
Knowing that once a week we have the opportunity to have a new beautiful practice with you, makes my summer days special. Thank you Sarah!!!
Denise Z
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Really an enjoyable and challenging practice.  Really like the balancing and twisting.  Nice way to end my day.  
Sarah Beston
Hiking in the Sierras sounds amazing, Lori! I do love how yoga allows feels so good after hiking. Hope you're having a beautiful summer. 
Sarah Beston
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I am so glad to hear you enjoy a balancing focused practice, Catherine A. Some days I love them and other days they feel really challenging to me ... good life lesson always!
Sarah Beston
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Thank you so much for practicing with me here, Donna S! I do know that "wooden" feeling and love when the asana practice can start to soften on those days. Wishing you a beautiful summer season.
Sarah Beston
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Hooray, Francesca Venturini! It is such a pleasure to be sharing new practices during these summer days. I find myself practicing quite a lot these days as a reminder to take it all in and enjoy the long summer days. Wishing you a beautiful week.
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