Keepin' it Real: Strong Legs, Open Hips<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Strong Legs, Open Hips
Robert Sidoti

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Samantha F
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Very nice practice, clear instructions and a good pace, enjoyed very much. Thank you.
Heidi K
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I really liked this sequence ! Thank you .
Lianne M
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thank you I really enjoy your instructions as they are so clear and easy to follow.
Joe M
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loved it! cheers heaps mate, look forward to continuing this, an awesome way to start and/or finish the day! thanks so much!!!
Frederic M
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Great flow, thanks Robert!
Aditi M
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You really kept it real and simple, yet, a strong practice! Loved it!
Heike S
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Thank you for your Instructions.
It makes me easier to understand how men work in a yoga class and how they feel their hips
Dawn A
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This was a great way to start my day. I have bad knees and  practicing this routine will be a great way to strengthen them. If you have any other suggested videos for knee opening and strengthening, please let me know. Thank you! BE LOVE
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Hi Dawn ! Ashley here from Yoga Anytime, we definitely have a few classes with that focus — I'll send you a private message with some suggestions!
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Dawn ! I'm so happy you joined me here and that you feel it was helpful for you! I hear you on the knee situation - from the many years playing lot's of sports, I feel the knees crying out at times :) When you say 'bad knees', I'm not really sure how best to prescribe best practices for you. I can say from experience in taking care of my own knees (and body), building strength around the joint is key! I do a lot of work in strengthening my quads, hamstrings and glutes, this has been a game changer in staying fit and pain free. I hope this and what Ashley-Marie Olgado offered you is helpful in moving forward! Have a beautiful day! Robert
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