Keepin` it Real: Strong and Alive in Your Power<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin` it Real: Strong and Alive in Your Power
Robert Sidoti

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Joe M
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cheers mate, great one to do early and get everything moving, but thought the balance with the relaxation was great as well! cheers so much!
Robert Sidoti
Thanks for sharing your thought's Joe! Cheers back at ya!
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I enjoy your variations and look forward to incorporating them into my own practice, as well as my teaching. Thanks! Very insightful and clear instruction.
Linda S
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Hi - I love the way you teach yoga, great clarity and easy enough speed for even me to follow along, lol.
Robert Sidoti
Thank you so much Wendy and Linda for your supportive comments! I'm so glad my teaching resonates with you, it's important to me to be able to clearly and effectively instruct and teach something I care so much about:))
Francie W
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Great start to my day today. Thank you! Peace!
Heike S
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Thank You so much for this class. Very strong and many Informations
Luisa C
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Hey Robert! Just saying hi to let you know I'm still with you after the 30 day challenge :) Keepin' it Real!! Every day!!! Thanks for the great classes.
Robert Sidoti
Luisa!! Nice to see you on new land:) So happy you are checking out other videos! How do you feel after the challenge?!
Marisol R
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Hello Robert Sidoti I've been practicing yoga for three months, and I feel so great, and your classes really help me so much cuz you explain every single movement or posture so clear, thank very much and greetings from Scotland.
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