Good Morning Yoga: Mood Booster
Alana Mitnick

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Hi Shannon! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the practice. The eagle twist is one of my favorites. May your practice carry you throughout your day. :)
Hi Diane, Wow! This is one of the highest compliments. You did all of the work! :) How we approach our practice translates into how we approach our daily lives. ENJOY!
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Thank you Alana, that was beautiful. I enjoyed the full body workout and I am ready for the rest of my day. 😀 x
Senada, I am so delighted to know that you enjoyed this practice. Wishing you a wonderful day! xoA
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Thank you. I feel ready for the busy day I have ahead.
Hi Cynthia, Wishing you a wonderful day. Pace yourself!
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Thank you Alana for a wonderful class, I really enjoy taking your classes. Today's cactus pose was my favourite! Namaste!
Hi Karolina, Wonderful news! I'm so delighted that to hear that you are enjoying the classes. Keep me posted on your yoga journey. Love, Alana
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