The Bhakti Show: Welcome to Bhakti Yoga<br>Julia Berkeley

The Bhakti Show: Welcome to Bhakti Yoga
Julia Berkeley

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Gabriella N
The question marks at the end meant to be hearts and sisterhood and flower emojis. It seems like they did not make it through. xox
Julia Berkeley
Thank you Gabriella!
And how wonderful that you've found a harmonium that you resonate more with. I feel very in tune with mine and it feels like it creates an even more beautiful and enjoyable experience when singing and chanting... so enjoy your new relationship I look forward to hearing you play and sing. Love xxx
Sandra H
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I absolutely love signing Aham Preima after my yoga session, it is so relaxing and bring so much love into myself. Thank you for sharing this with us all. Namaste.
Julia Berkeley
so glad sandra, namaste
Heather P
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WOW!!!! Thank you Julia! I am a Bhakti teacher in Maine and happy to find your offerings online. Beautiful voice. Deepest gratitude!

Julia Berkeley
Yay Heather, so happy to be in it with you
Maria Elena D
Julia, thank you so much for this! it is so beautiful, I want to incorporate more chanting into my life, it feels good to me when I am prompted to do it by a teacher, is singing and chanting the same thing?
Julia Berkeley
Dear Maria Maria Elena ,
So happy you are enjoying these practices. I'm excited for you to discover more. Singing and chanting both have huge benefits. In itself singing activates the breath and relaxes the nervous system leaving us feeling great. When we then add the mantra i.e. the sanskrit sounds, they have a particular vibration that adds another level of magic. You might want to experiment... play with singing english songs and then singing, repetitively, a mantra and see if you notice a difference? Let me know what happens!
Hoda G
Is it Saraswati in the photo next to you?
Hoda G
No not Saraswati, she does not have her Veena.
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