The Bhakti Show: Welcome to Bhakti Yoga<br>Julia Berkeley

The Bhakti Show: Welcome to Bhakti Yoga
Julia Berkeley

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Sherrie L
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Julie, absolutly beautiful. Thank you.

Blessings, Sherrie
Julia Berkeley
Thank you Sherrie,
blessings to you too!

Katherine E
Very lovely. Thank you.
Julia Berkeley
thank you katherine x
Bhakti Foster
You are delightful!
Gabriella N
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Oh Sweet Julia, I am so happy to find you and being able to listen your rich divine voice here!
I was wondering if you might be able to share the cords that you play with us.
It would be so lovely to learn to play them.
All my love and many thank yous!
xox, gabriella
Julia Berkeley
Dear Gabriella,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
yes, i'm happy to share the notes with you. As I wrote this song I prefer that anyone who plays it does not record it! But please share in person.
Begin with your thumb on the "a" below middle 'c' and little finger on 'e' above middle 'c'.
hold the 'e' down the whole time while you alternate between 'a' and 'b' with thumb and index finger.
Then the second part, hold down the low 'a' the whole time while you alternate between f# and e with the little finger and ring finger. Finally for the low part at the end hold the e with the little finger and with the thumb and index finger play the low a flat and a.
is that clear!?!?! hope you enjoy.
much love xj
Sandra H
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I really needed this today, thank you for making it.
Julia Berkeley
So happy it supports you Sandra.
blessings, julia
Gabriella N
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Thank you Julia so much!!!! I just saw ur response today!!! Congrats on writing this song!!! U inspire me so much and just love the sound of ur voice!!! I have a new harmonium
now from that I feel so much more in tune with and practicing a lot! All my love and BIG thank u for u sharing the notes! ???????????????
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