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Alana, I have a friend who wants to start Yoga.  He is overweight and sometimes has dizzy spells.  He would like to start with a gentle practice that is mostly on the mat.  What are your suggestions? 
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Practicing with you so soothing and comforting! Thank you.
Ruth G, I find usually starting Yoga is the hardest part (harder than the practice itself!). For your friend I suggest beginning with a slow and mindful floor or chair yoga practice that doesn't require getting up and down quite yet. He might find that having his head raised up on a blanket helps him feel more oriented. Please feel welcome to send me a direct message with any questions. Best wishes, Alana  
Tacy T, Thank you for sharing. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying these Gentle Yoga practices. We are in this together! Stay close. Warm regards, Alana 
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Since receiving your kind words, I feel like I'm practicing with a friend :).  Take good care.
Tacy T, This just warmed my heart and made my day! Thank you for sharing, Tacy.  Love, Alana 
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