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Welcome to Yoga
Season 1

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Whether you are newer to yoga asanas, returning from a hiatus, or simply prefer a slower pace of more basic postures, this season's sequences are progressive and designed to prepare you for other shows on the site. Welcome!

Scott Y
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Good morning Kira,
As a beginner to yoga. Do you recommend doing one class a day?
Kira Sloane
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Hi there Scott.
What have you been doing so far and how are you feeling?
Kara D
Due to a hysterectomy (recently) and two knee surgeries (ages ago), I've tended toward 1:1 sessions where the instructor can modify as we go. Any suggestions for how to modify these intro classes?
Kira Sloane
Good morning Kara! Thank you for being here.

If you let me know some of the places in the practice that are causing the most difficulty, it will be easier for me to offer modifications. For example, are you able to get up and down off the floor? Are your knees able to bear weight? Laura Tyree shows a great way to use a chair support here:
//www.yogaanytime.com/class_v iew.cfm?class_id=393&quality=vi deo

Cheri Clampett has a Chair Yoga Practice here:
//www.yogaanytime.com/class-v iew/931/video/Yoga-Chair-Yoga-to-Aw aken-the-Body-by-Cheri-Clampett

Th practices in this show assume less mobility:
//www.yogaanytime.com/sho w-view/7/Yoga-Show-Granny-Yoga

And you might like some of the Step by Step instructions here:
//www.yogaanytime.com/show-vi ew/3/Yoga-Show-Step-By-Step

Stay close and help us be of more use.
Kristen H
I am in a similar scenario as Kara. I'm 36 years old, had knee reconstruction in my teens, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in April 2015, and had a radical hysterectomy last summer. Otherwise, however, I'm strong and athletic, so I don't necessarily want anything too easy...just some modified poses that take into consideration some very particular areas of tenderness and loss of strength and mobility. I'm finding backward bends to be the most challenging thus far, in my re-entry into yoga.

This is potentially an interesting area of yoga focus -- yoga classes for athletic women who have had gynaecological surgeries. Most women who have had these types of interventions have pelvic adhesions as a result, so their pelvises are tighter and various injuries can result if they do certain movements too soon.
Kira Sloane
Dearest Kristen, thank you for honesty and openness. We are filming a show on Women's Health this next week, but I am not sure it addresses the need for a thoughtful athletic practice.

You might like the practices over on the Asana Studies Show, especially Suniti, Padma and Heidi. All three teachers bring a sophisticated and experienced tone that allows you space to navigate. Suniti offers inner alignments, Padma gets geeky about the anatomy and Heidi is fun and open.
http://www.yogaanytime.com/sh ow-view/67/Yoga-Show-Asana-Studies

You might also like Devon Riley's investigations in Season 4 of Inner Workings. She explores the pelvis anatomy.
http://www.yogaanytime.com /show-season/1449/Yoga-Inner-Workin gs-Season-4-Devon-Riley

If you let me know what is working for you so far, I can be a better guide.

With Love
Kristen H
Thank you for the suggestions, Kira. I will try those out and will let you know how it goes. I appreciate your caring and informative response.
Carlene B
Hi Kira, I have working through this season, and I wondered if you could recommend what to watch next. Or does one repeat the first series again? I am very stiff and not flexible so am in no hurry to do more strenous stuff yet.
Kira Sloane
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Hi there Carlene! You are right, there is no need to "progress" if the sequences in this season are still meeting and holding you.

Season 2 does build on the fundamentals of Season 1.
http://www.yogaanytime.com/show- season/1777/Yoga-Welcome-to-Yoga-Se ason-2-Just-Start

Season 3 introduces you to a new teacher, Margi Young.
http://www.yogaanytime.com/s how-season/4214/Yoga-Welcome-to-Yog a-Season-3-Explore-the-Fundamentals

You may also explore other styles of yoga that might also feel good, like:
Wait For It: Yin Yoga and Meditation
http://www.yogaanytime.c om/show-view/35/Yoga-Show-Wait-for- It

Relaxation Takes Practice
http://www.yogaanytime.com/show-vi ew/46/Yoga-Show-Relaxation-Takes-Pr actice

If you are finding the Welcome to Yoga practices too much, you might check out
Too Tight to Stretch
http://www.yogaanytime.com/show-vi ew/87/Yoga-Show-Too-Tight-to-Stretc h

Stay close.
With Love

Beth F
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Hi Kira - thank you for this season- it has been grounding and helpful as I've been getting back into yoga. It's helped to go slow and get back to the basics while working thru postures and be in that present moment place. With gratitude - Beth
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