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Welcome to Yoga
Season 1

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Whether you are newer to yoga asanas, returning from a hiatus, or simply prefer a slower pace of more basic postures, this season's sequences are progressive and designed to prepare you for other shows on the site. Welcome!

Kira Sloane
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So happy you are here, Beth. Love, K
Maryam F
Hi Kira, I am a new member,
I have a question, how many times should I do each episode? For instance one episode per day or per week, what is your suggestion?
Also I follow the happy back pain as well, I have a  above Question for that as well
Kira Sloane
Hi Maryam, welcome! Glad you are here and great question. What does your schedule and lifestyle allow? A regular yoga practice can have an accumulative compound interest effect, but not if we are being forceful or overly disciplined. Do you have room for three 30-minute sessions a week?  

The Happy Back Show is designed to be exploratory and gentle, so once you find a short simple practice that offers relief, we suggest committing to it daily or every other day. Please feel free to private message if you would like to explore what a program for you could look like. 

Warmly, Kira
Marcia E
Hi again Kira.
I emailed you on the Step by Step series the other day about a foot surgery that is going to take all mobility out of the big toe and metatarsal. Today I was doing the video about getting to know weight bearing in Welcome to Yoga and the transition was going into downward dog. I will not be able to curl my toes under on the right foot. But discovered that if I lead with the left foot then can get my right in somewhat of a possible position. The concern is that my calf muscles are so tight my heals are well off the floor and that may stress the joint. Would appreciate suggestions on how to deal with this with props or movements. I will continue to practice and seek ways to adjust to what my new normal will be. Thank you again for the support.
Kira Sloane
Marcia E, gonna take your question to the mat and get back to you ASAP. xok
Kira Sloane
Marcia E, you are correct, the transitions over your toes with reduced mobility will be tricky for sure! I found that walking into down dog from a standing forward fold worked. Transitioning into backbends like cobra and such required an extra step of dropping my knees to the floor. Your instincts will guide you. Trust your own personal tolerance for discomfort and weirdness and the yoga will take good care of you! xok
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