45 Minute Yoga Flows: Essential Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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This is such a beautiful reflection, @Louise. Thank you for taking the time to share it. And how wonderful that you are starting to teach! I'd love to hear how that develops. All the best, R
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I really enjoyed the revolved ardha candrasana and revolved trikonasana. They are not usually postures I enjoy. I love the fallen triangle. I would love for it to be used more often in sequences.
I hear you on the challenge of both of those revolved poses, @Ali! They're tricky for me too. I will weave in more fallen triangle in upcoming practices- in your honor! 
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A delight, as always. Thank you so much.
Lovely practice. Thank you 
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This was the perfect balance of sthira and sukha to start my day. Thank you
What lovely feedback, Deven Sisler . Thank you! 
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Nice sequence!  I enjoyed easing into it from the floor.  It was a good practice for the morning. I also enjoyed the middle options that you provided as I am right between a 2/3 in my practice. 
I'm so glad you enjoyed it and found the variations useful, Holly N ! That in between place is exciting (if a bit uncomfortable), isn't it? Be safe, be well, R
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Great class (as always)... and I loved that you included Hanumanasana, my favorite pose. I definitely will do this class again 🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️
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