Keepin' it Real: Morning Mobility Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Hi Robert
I am from Switzerland. This is a very nice practise. I like it because it has not the usually poses.  I feel me stretchy after it.  Very good explanations. Thank you very much.
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So nice to see you back on Yogaanytime with your creative sessions. For one I enjoyed the stretched out elongated pigeon pose.
Thanks, Robert, for this nice and calming practice! Namaste! 💜🌞🌼
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Hola Rob!
Great to be practicing with you again- really enjoyed these first two sessions - reaching wee spaces that have been abandoned lately - feeling like something is moving again!
Have a beautiful day!
Pia A Hello and thank you for your comment! I'm so happy it felt good and stretchy for you - sending a big hug to you in Switzerland! 
Christel B  Super happy to be back!! Stretchy long pigeon is one of my faves - nice to practice with you again :))
Sandra Židan Nice to see you again, it's been awhile!! So happy you're here! 
Michelle F Hey there, nice to 'see' you!! Love that about yoga - it reaches all the neglected or hard to get to spaces in our bodies - glad I assisted in you finding some! Love and peace back to you :)) 
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A feel good practice!
Great practice for a hot and lazy summer morning!  The orange grove is magical. 
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