Keepin' it Real: Morning Mobility Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Great to be practicing with you again Robert :) 
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You are a fan favorite and I can see why: that was fun with clear instructions. I can squat nearly as low as you;  so when you said  this is as deep as you go, I was happy. A year ago I was “way up there”. As my teacher Lydia Z.  says: there is magic in magic I repetition. Namaste 
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great to flow through some new moves and sequences. thanks Robert.
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Love this! Love your classes! Love your flows. Love this extra special flows this morning! Love the sneaky strength! Thank you. Grateful to be able to take your classes on YA. 🙏🏻💟☮️
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Love where this site is going. Thanks for the fantastic new practice.
Lina S So happy it felt good for you!! 
Catherine R I’m loving the orange grove also!! I’m glad you enjoyed the practice Catherine :))
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So glad you’re back with this new season! Such a lovely little practice on this warm, sticky morning. The sun came over the trees and right in my window onto me during the camel sequence and it was a small slice of perfection for a moment. Thank you!
Oh wow Kelly B  - sounds like the perfect moment - so open and strong and alive in Camel pose, the sun had to come in and give you a big warm embrace!! I'm back - so happy to be here with these offerings, thank you for being here tooooo! 
Nice to see you here again Charlie S !! 
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