Trust the Connection: 20-Day Yoga Retreat with Yoga Anytime

Trust the Connection: 20-Day Yoga Retreat with Yoga Anytime

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Looking forward to these live classes in January! Committing to a daily practice is a wonderful way to kick off 2021!
Kira Sloane
Sue D, us too!!! We are so happy! xoKira
Lisa Pellicone Arce
so excited to do this. love love love YA #groovylotusyoga, @GroovyLotusYoga
Elizabeth M
Lisa Pellicone Arce Yay! We can't wait to practice with you! 🙏 
Michelle F
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This retreat is the ideal self gift for the new year- i will be joining as many as i can live in the evening here till i go back to work on 11th so grateful to have the opportunity to catch up on them all later
Thanks everyone- yogaanytime has been such a source of joy and support all through this difficult year. I really am deeply grateful!
Have yourselves a merry little Christmas
Kira Sloane
Michelle F! We are so grateful for YOU! Merry Christmas! xok
Brenda S
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I’m interested but will be vacationing on the beach. Will I be able to view the classes after they have been presented live? If so, then I can do them I. The mornings, but will be a day late. Thank you for letting me know.
Elissa P
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I work during many of the "live" time slots. Can I still watch the classes after the fact on the days I can't attend "live"? 
Gitte J
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This is so great. Looking foreward to join I am already a fan of some of the classes I already am following from some of the teachers,- and would love to be on online for a common retreat  
Mary H
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I so want to participate, but know that noon CST does not work everyday.  Will I be able to pull up the daily live session at another time later in the day?  I'm sure hoping so!!!
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