30 Day Yoga Challenge<br>Season 1: with Robert Sidoti

30 Day Yoga Challenge
Season 1: with Robert Sidoti

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Just finished day 11, this is my favorite challenge on Yoga Anytime. Perfect for helping me get a useful home practice established that I can hopefully take with me anywhere. Thanks!
Simon R
Hi Robert. Thank you so much for the 30day challenge. I have been attending a class for years but haven't - till now found a way into a daily practice. Yoga Anytime has done this for me - I get up at 7am and do half an hour. Perfect. Robert your class was a perfect intro. Thanks so much - now I have to find a similar series to follow up with - what do you recommend?
Glenford N
Hi Robert. I got up to Day 24 but I've injured my knee dancing on my last night in London. The soreness is going. Once it's healed, I will continue the challenge. Namaste.
Christel B
Really enjoyed all of these a while back. Just wondering does it not say you completed this challenge when you do them out of sequence?
Kira Sloane
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Christel, great question! I do not know the answer and will have to pass your inquiry onto our tech team.
Christel B
Thanks Kira. I just can’t help wondering since I kept track checking each one off my list as I did them.
Kira Sloane
Christel, I'm told that the Challenge should still be marked as completed even if you went out of order. Is that not your experience?

One bug we are noticing is that sometimes if members have "ad blocker" software or "pop up blocker" software, we are not able to accurately track the views.

If you are on a video's page, under "About this Video" you are able to mark a video as viewed if something is glitchy. Make sure all the videos are marked viewed, and let's see what happens! Let me know! Thanks, Kira
Joan J
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Robert, I have been anxious  and upset due to news of a family member testing positive for covid, so I've missed a few sessions.  Thankfully I did this one today, and it was so helpful.  I accomplished full camel for a few seconds.  I love fish, the inversion on the head and heart opening helped me release my emotions, and reach a calm state.  Ever grateful for your gentle teaching and support🌾🌸
Robert Sidoti
Hello my friend (we’re at friend status now🤗) "_"link_type":"customer", "customer_id":"59692", "profile_name":"Joan"}> !! Thanks for the update and I’m so sorry to hear about your family member testing positive - I truly hope they are ok and work through it safely.  I love that you took a break as needed and rejoined as you did. Sounds like the magic of yoga provided so much needed release of stress, opening and some good luvin - all those feelings and sensations occurred because you ‘showed up’! The power of showing up for ourselves, it’s crazy how simple and difficult it can be! 
Sending you lots of positivity and support - oh and a big virtual hug 🤗 
Always here, Robert
Joan J
Robert, thank you my friend, I appreciate your kindness
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