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Ali Cramer

Ali Cramer


Small talk does not exist in the presence of Ali Cramer.

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Her soul insists on vibrant depth, her mind inspires creativity, and her arms have the capacity to embrace the mystery. We feel more alive with Ali and are so happy she is here.

Ali has always followed her passions: first, for dance, which led her from the 'burbs of Connecticut to New York City at 16; then, for yoga, which eventually led her home to Laughing Lotus, where she discovered her next true loves, Dana Flynn, Jasmine Tarkeshi, Lotus Flow, and Ayurveda. She did her teacher training at Lotus in 2003, and began teaching at Lotus the same year. Nine years later, with the encouragement of Dana Flynn, Ali created Laughing Lotus' Ayurveda and Healing Program, acting as director and teacher, both at the 100 and 50-hour level certifications.

In addition to being one of the core teachers for Laughing Lotus, Ali has also been a guest teacher in other trainings, teaching workshops, and retreats all over the world. She is continually inspired by how these practices bring people together and create community. In 2013, she was honored to lead the very first 200-hour yoga teacher training in the Sudan, where she also worked with therapists at refugee relief centers and in schools throughout Khartoum.

Ali believes deeply that the practices of yoga and Ayurveda can teach us to live our lives with integrity, balance, and grace, if we are willing to do the work.

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