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Emma Warmington

Emma Warmington

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A fiery Celtic spirit with deep passion for authentic living, an infectious laugh and a hardy aversion to spiritual platitudes. Emma is a world adventurer and life-long student who has been teaching yoga internationally since 2006.

Emma Warmington is a yoga teacher trainer, transformational voice work guide and Certified TRE Provider. A daily practitioner with an unshakable commitment to open authenticity, she is the founder and director of Jivani Yoga and creator of The Awakened Voice and The Homecoming for Women.

For 17 nomadic years, Emma ran away with the spiritual circus, burrowing down various rabbit holes seeking all the knowledge, earning many certifications and channeling her passion into a demanding schedule of international retreats and teacher training programs. It was a glorious period of adventure, much esoteric wizardry was explored and there is not a single regret to be found, but encounters with grief and shape-shifting PTSD evaporated all but the most essential teachings and demanded a new approach into grounded, balanced living.

Wholly uninterested in false promises of future enlightenment, Emma now shares her knowledge and experience in a more gentle mission. She wholeheartedly teaches the tools she herself learned for regulating her nervous system, standing in and expressing even the most uncomfortable truth and participating fully and fearlessly in the ordinary magnificence of life.

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