Heart of Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 11

Intimately Connected

35 min - Practice


Letting the mantra of OM Shreem Shree-aee Namaha extend our exhale and encourage an even deeper breath initiated movement, we move through a deeply nourishing movement practice.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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That was lovely Emma. My first time chanting all the way through an asana practice. May all beings enjoy prosperity 🙏🏻
Thanks, Jenny :)
I love the effects of mantra during practice, I find the vibration soothing and my exhale longer. So glad you are enjoying!
Thank you this was very calming and nurturing :) Just a quick clarification, at the end with hands on chest and belly, do you mean for the breath to still fill up the belly then extend the chest on the inhale...in other words, we are feeling the inhalation in both hands..belly first then chest. Thank you :)
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Hey Merryl , You are most welcome! Thank you for the question.
In the breathing practice at the end with Jalandhara Bandha (chin dropped to chest, chest lifting up) I'm focusing my breath into my upper chest first. My belly does move but not so much as if I was focusing on belly breathing or full 3 part breath (if that makes sense) and I draw my belly in on the exhale.
It's more that the inhale lifts my chest up, aligning my spine, and my belly drawing in towards my spine on the out breath gives me a very full exhale (ready to take in a lovely full inhale), strengthens my abdominals to support me and creates Uddiyana Bandha quite passively if I pause at the bottom. See how you go with it and please keep sending questions as they come up.
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That describes it perfectly thank you Emma😊
Emma this practice was delicious, can you tell us more about this specific mantra please?
What a beautiful way to wake up and begin to move. Thank you so much Emma Warmington. I love mantra and this was so great to extend my exhale, but also to keep my mind in the present moment.
Another lovely practice Emma Warmington.

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