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Alexandra Kambler

Alexandra Kambler


We love Alexandra's deeply personal and sensual relationship with the practices of yoga.

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This inward depth combined with her love of movement and willingness to follow the creative flow results in fresh, fluid, satisfying sequences. Alexandra invites us to become curious, courageous, and to trust in the unknown. She encourages herself and us to be vulnerable, brave, and embrace the present moment without the fear.

Alexandra has been teaching yoga since 2004, and cultivating her own practice since 1999. She teaches mainly vinyasa and restorative yoga and is based in Västerås, Sweden. While ultimately she believes that everybody you meet is your teacher, the most influential yogis on her path include Kira Ryder, Julie Martin, and Doug Keller.

Alexandra's desire to inspire clear expression has lead her to work with several of her local museums in collaboration with art and yoga. She has worked with Fotografiska, the Museum of Photography in Stockholm, and teaches regular courses at the Art Museum in Västerås and the Theater of Västmanland. Her yoga collective, Dharma, is designed to share the teachings of yoga to provide the tools to follow one's heart's path.

Alexandra is a citizen of the world. She lives in Västerås, Sweden with her two kids and husband, whom she claims to be her greatest teachers. Alexandra loves coffee almost as much as Kira and prepares one of the most proper fikas in all of Sweden. If you are lucky enough to land in her warm and cozy kitchen, you will be greeted with homemade bread, baked with tender love. She will engage you in intimate honest dialogue and truly miss you when you have to leave.

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