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Season 2 - Episode 7

Courageous Backbends

40 min - Practice


Backbending can be about letting go into our back body, our darkside, the unknown. To do this requires mad capacity. Alexandra prepares us with a sequence of front body strengthening and opening. We continue to warm with a flowing sequence of standing postures and hip openers before eventually moving into a play with bridge and wheel pose.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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(waves gently splashing) Hello, welcome back. Today we'll be exploring back-bends. And back-bends are a little of a symbol for courage because they really mean opening up the heart. It...


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Deeply touched by this session. I realize that there are so many things with yoga ( I´.m new at this ) that I like and need. To shortly describe. I love the language ; "lift your heart" - this is so strong and beautiful! "freedom in your shoulders" - yes, I want that. And the open attitude; "try this if it feels better for you" , and then: the moves in it. There are "poses" that I haven't made since I was a child. They are hard But I try . It´s also interesting moving into new poses that I never have been in. I´m learning to know my own body in new ways. I like this a lot. Thank You Alexandra for this
We're in this together! Thank you so much for sharing Johanna! It really warms a yogini heart be take part of your journey
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Thank you so much for this beautiful practice! I'm feeling more grounded and at home in my body now I've finished. Your gentle guidance helped me connect to my body and feel more relaxed and alive all at the same time. I'm really enjoying discovering your teaching Alexandra. Looking forward to trying your other videos.
So happy you enjoyed it Tina !!
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wooow Alexandra Kambler just delicious.... thank your clases, Namaste
Thank you for connecting Janet ! So happy you enjoy the show!
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I love the pace of your classes. I feel I have the freedom to explore postures in a new way. Thank you Alexandra.
Ali 🙏?;3

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