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Zeynep Celen

Zeynep Celen

We are totally turned on by Zeynep's passion for learning and excitement to share her latest discoveries.
Read More Her interest in raising proprioceptive body awareness, tuning into subtle sensation, and freeing habitual tension patterns in the body and mind, is informed by her intimate relationship with yoga, meditation, and neuroscience.

Zeynep has been teaching yoga and leading advanced level teacher trainings since 2006. She works closely with her beloved teacher, Erich Schiffmann, and assists him regularly. She also works with several OSHO therapists on personal development and meditation. Zeynep published a yoga DVD in Turkey called Yoga for Everyone: Foundations of Yoga with the leading yoga studio Cihangir Yoga in 2013, which has been distributed all around Turkey.

Zeynep is currently pursuing her Master's degree at the University of Geneva in the field of Neuroscience, and aims to study the effects of meditation on the brain. She studied Molecular Biology and Genetics and has a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences on Evolutionary Genetics. She worked many years at Bugday Association for Ecological Livelihood, an NGO, and appeared on national television for 6 months, sharing practical ways of making your life more ecologically friendly. She also co-hosted Tohumdan Hasada Ekolojik Yasam, a radio show on Open Radio in Istanbul with Oya Ayman, dealing with environmental issues.

A passionate yogini scientist and social activist, Zeynep shares her joy for life through her expression of mindfulness centered in the body. We are grateful to include her deep, sincere study on Yoga Anytime.
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