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Season 5 - Episode 9

Freedom Style with Zeynep

40 min - Practice


Zeynep leads us in a freedom-style practice, inviting us to to listen inwardly for guidance as we explore movement and sensation in the body. She alternates between guiding us through shapes and giving us permission to experiment, offering options and choices to find our fullest and freshest expression—here and now.
What You'll Need: Mat


(waves crashing) Hi, thank you for being back, This practice will be about freedom style yoga. This is what I love doing, and I was fortunate enough to learn it from Erich Schiffmann in 2008, and have...


Thank you Zeynep. This was my first time with freedom style. a new feeling Thank you for guiding me towards my own guidance
Namaste from Sweden.
Nice practice thx, so relaxing to go where the body wants to go
Dear Johanna and Janice, thank you both for commenting and practicing freeform with me. It is a very hard task, to lead someone into freedom (its an oxymoron actually :)) but I am glad you were able to feel it. I sure love it and loved doing this video...

Sending you both Love from Switzerland
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Thanks God that you are my teacher :)
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Thank you zeynep, I really feel that find my ay in yoga also my own style:) Thank for this freedom style. Namaste
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Love, love, love listening to the song of my body! đź’•
Ezgi Thank you Ezgi :) Freedom style really is amazing.  LOVE
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Phuong Isn't it amazing to be able to listen? We are so lucky that we can... life is so graceful... LOVE 

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