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Devon Riley

Devon Riley

Devon's curiosity, vulnerability, and willingness to feel allows her to be on edge of what she knows.
Read More Her practice of self-investigation and her relationship with the sensation of pain inform her teaching, which currently focuses on therapeutics, proprioception, balancing weight across joint spaces, and mindfulness as a tool for deconstructing privilege and furthering social justice.

Devon has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 10 years. She trained at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, a traditional school and retreat center founded by Sri Swami Rama in rural Pennsylvania, in 2002. She is deeply grateful for all of her teachers, including Todd Jackson and Amy Matthews.

Devon completed her B.A. from Columbia University in New York City, where she studied Buddhism with Robert Thurman, Native American religion with Karl Kroeber, and Non-violent movements with Dennis Dalton. She is grateful to these men for bringing together academics and self-study in an environment which rarely provides such a combination.

Devon currently teaches at The People's Yoga and Yoga Pearl in Portland, Oregon, where she has dedicated herself to the steady job of parenting and raising two girls with her partner.
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