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Jessica Magnin

Jessica Magnin

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We love seeing Jessica's bright heart in her twinkling eyes. Her spark and experiences inspire us to allow our breath to meet the obstacles that naturally present themselves on our paths.

Jessica was born to connect and be connected; to inspire and be inspired. Passionate and sensitive, she is an introvert and an extrovert in the same breath. Playful at heart, she shoots for the stars, living life with purpose and celebration.

As a dedicated yogini on and off the mat for three decades and an inspired yoga and meditation teacher since 1996, Jessica is RYT®500 and E-RYT®500 and the founder of O2Yoga Breathe Life in Switzerland.

Known for her inner radiance, her creativity and her presence, Jessica integrates the biomechanics of Anusara® and the sacred energetic wisdom of ParaYoga®. She guides her students through a seamless flow of balanced movement choreographed by the intelligence of the breath. She seeds the gaps with inspirational thoughts, yogic wisdom and self-inquiry. Each class, unique in its own, calls upon intuition, breath, deep awareness and meditation, transporting her students to a place of remembrance and connection with their inner Source. The journey to wholeness is her first love; inspiring others to unveil and reclaim their full potential and unique radiance. Whether it be through the vehicle of yoga, meditation, writing, mentoring or coaching she guides her students toward transformational growth.

She is constantly learning, mostly through the greatest book, that of her life, always evolving, she passionately shares her wisdom across the four corners of the globe.

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