Shakti Shazaam Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Ignite Your Spark

60 min - Practice


Jessica guides us in a fluid, energizing, and activating practice to awaken our inner flame. Through this dynamic sequence, we explore the sound and vibration of AUM in the body. This practice inspires an increased flow of energy in the spine, and closes in a guided meditation.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Love! Love! Love this wonderful session with Jessica! Her guided meditation part with the pearl of white light especially. I could see my body glow with the ray of lights. Devine! Thank you Jessica!
Thank you Elke for your encouraging words and for practicing with me . Enjoy the continuous journey of the Divine. See you soon on the mat . Love
Loved the chanting and flowing!
HI Page!

I am so glad that you enjoyed this deep tantric approach and felt the flow. I find it to be a grounding yet energizing practice that moves energy within me. Come visit again.
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I usually tend to like more of a vinyasa flow (I teach vinyasa flow and restorative flow) but really loved this class. I found lots of creative ideas for my own practice.
Thank you Cherie for sharing your thoughts and for trying something new. You can use chanting Aum in any practice as it will deepen taking you inwards. It slows everything down enough to hear the pulsating of your inner rhythm vibrate and connect with that of the universe. It is a powerful practice and brings an abundance of energy so that we feel radically alive. Enjoy and stay you!
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